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Like a blank sheet of paper, a career with Sappi offers infinite possibilities.


Who doesn't want to work in an industry with a rich history, for a company that is recognized for employing the best in our field? Papermaking is a time-honored tradition with skills passed down from generation to generation. Sappi is known the world over as a leading manufacturer of coated fine papers. Here, you'll find a truly unique culture—one that fosters innovation, creativity and positively impacts the communities in which we operate.

The paper industry has been on the frontlines of the sustainability movement, uncovering new ways to be environmentally and socially responsible. There has never been a better time to build a career out of paper.

Contact a Sappi Representative

Mellissa Johnson
Compensation and Employment Specialist 617-423-5402
For Somerset Mill:
Karen Caffyn

Cayla Gardner
For Westbrook Mill:
Lisa Patterson 207-856-4615
For Cloquet Mill:
Diane Norkunas

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Why Paper?

Sappi employs a rich community of people, from chemists, engineers and marketers to papermakers and forestry experts. Learn why they're all excited to be part of the paper industry.

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Why Sappi?

Ever consider building a career out of paper? Discover the unique career opportunities waiting for you at Sappi.

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Available Jobs

At Sappi, we see more than just a page. We see possibilities. Do you share our ambition to be part of an industry-leading company? Learn how a career with Sappi opens the door to limitless possibilities.

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