Our industry is emerging from one of the deepest recessions any of us has ever experienced. We at Sappi can look back at some of the difficult decisions we were forced to make, including cost cutting and restructuring, and appreciate that these actions have made us stronger and better positioned for a sustainable future.

But key to our current and future success is staying true to our core principles, including continued investment in people, products and assets that create value for our customers. So we have been steadfast in our commitment to our sustainability platform. We do not see our investment in sustainability—people, planet and prosperity—as a form of corporate philanthropy, but as core to how we will succeed and prosper as a business. It is an inextricable part of our overall business strategy. And for good reason.

Having a robust sustainability strategy, in good times as well as in down markets, has proven to significantly reduce our operating costs, eliminate waste, create energy efficiency, lower costs, strengthen our company's brand value and open up new markets.

So yes, environmental responsibility is not just great for the planet—it makes good sense for business. Which is what this issue of eQ is all about. Hopefully, you'll discover new and inspiring information to either embolden or validate your company's position around the financial benefits of sustainability.

You'll also be able to hear firsthand from four industry leaders who, in spite of recent tough economic times, have strengthened their business by continuing to champion sustainability.

As always, we at Sappi are eager to hear your thoughts. Please share your views with us at eQ@sappi.com

Laura M. Thompson, PhD

Director of Technical Marketing and Sustainable Development

Sappi Fine Paper North America

As part of our commitment to sustainable leadership, Sappi Fine Paper North America will be implementing a $36.3M capital improvement project to upgrade our Somerset Mill's Evaporators and Recovery Boiler and significantly lower our carbon footprint.

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In an attempt to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and help make the local agricultural community more sustainable, Sappi's Cloquet Mill has partnered with the University of Minnesota, Carlton County By-Products Program.

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It's clear that sticking to a strong sustainability platform is not only good for the environment—it's good for the bottom line as well. See how some of the country's top business leaders have embedded an ethic of sustainability in the very core of their businesses.

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