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Beyond creating great paper, we're here to create more educated customers.

Education & Support

Sappi has always believed that the more educated the customer, the more successful their projects will be. Great printed communications will always be the result of a profound understanding of the printing process. That's why we're always looking for new ways to educate our customers. This ensures that printers, designers, production managers and paper merchants have the most current, topical information available.

Over the years we have created a wide variety of educational materials including The Standard, technical brochures, downloadable PDFs on technical tips and seminars produced by our dedicated staff of experts. By searching this archive you'll see why our commitment to education has always set us apart from the rest of the paper industry.

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Choosing the Right Paper

Yes, choosing the right paper might seem confusing—that's why Sappi makes it so easy.

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Professional Bookshelf

Browse our professional bookshelf for the latest and greatest technical information, practical advice and innovative print and paper solutions.

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Printers of the Year

Sappi is proud to honor the world's greatest printers.

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