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Digital 101

Digital 101

The Digital Design Center

Get on a first name basis. And get a call back.

Personalize your message across any medium. With variable printing data, you can make your point in dynamic and impactful ways—affordably, efficiently and with a personal touch. Because digital printing can link directly to a database, you can easily target your audience and increase response rates. Make your message more effective by customizing text, images and layouts. Digital printing lets you do almost anything. For anyone. At any time.

For a full taste of the freedom that digital printing provides, try the Sappi Digital Design Center a free web application that lets you create custom marketing pieces that use outstanding, high-res imagery on Sappi digital paper.


Printing used to offer one choice, one way and usually, one result. But now, things are different. Today, digital printing is opening up whole new ways to connect and communicate. And that's good. Because communication should be about bringing us together, not driving us apart.

Multi-task. And multi-channel.
Reach a new audience in more ways than ever before. Digital printing ups your options by giving you more ways to get and keep in touch. With digital printing and digital paper, you can afford to try new things and speak to new audiences. Direct mail. Web-to-print. Print-on-demand. Digital printing multiplies your options like never before.

Turn it up. And turn it around.
Digital printing lets you turn heads while getting things done in a more efficient and timely way. So turn the page on plates and make-readies. You can be on press in no time and then on to the next big thing.

Direct to the source. And direct to the bottom line.
Digital printing lets you get the results you want by letting you get one-on-one in a powerful way. Reduce waste in printing, shipping, storing and stocking by printing what you want, when you want, where you want. Start getting personal, and start getting ahead. Because with digital paper and printing, you have freedom to create and you can do it on a dime.

Break through the clutter. And create a few break-throughs.
Digital printing and digital paper are special because they let you try new things and reach new people. With a wider spectrum of colors, you can imagine a wider range of possibilities and expect hi-fi results.

Mix it up. And max it out.
Consider how you're delivering your message across all media and through every channel. You have more ways to connect than ever before. And now, almost everything's connected. Integration makes marketing a whole lot more dynamic and a whole lot more powerful.

  • Advertising
  • Broadcast
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Events
  • Mobile
  • Out-of-Home
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Web-to-Print

To get the best results, you need the right tools for the task, and digital printing can be a critical component of almost every approach.