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"Print &"

With all the debate going on about the future of print in the digital age, Sappi has addressed the subject head-on in a new special publication called "Print &", which presents independent market research on reading demographics, emotional triggers, browsing and shopping behavior, and niche marketing. Contrary to what many believe, the research data shows that rather than "cannibalize" each other's audience, print and digital work most effectively when they join forces to deliver the message through multiple media.

"Print &" presents quantifiable data in a compelling and succinct way, and illustrates this information by demonstrating how print can be tactile, emotional, interactive, dimensional, and even auditory. In addition to traditional four-color process, "Print &" integrates a number of online and offline techniques, including augmented reality (AR), flocking, soft-touch coating, reticulated varnish, photochromic ink, raised UV coating, engraving, liquid foil, thermography, embossing, metallic inks, and unusual folds

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Augmented Reality Demo from Print &