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The Standard

The Standard has been an invaluable resource for designers and printers throughout the world. Each edition focuses on a particular aspect of the printing and design process. This series is part of Sappi's continuing commitment to create unique and valuable educational resources for professionals in the print communications business.

The Standard: Bindery Techniques

Issue Number: 6

Date: 2015

Volume 6 of The Standard focuses on bindery techniques, the all-important final stage of print production. A process that predates the invention of printing papers, binding over the centuries is explained here in graphic novel style. Volume 6 also features several innovative binding styles that add interest to the design, and provides step-by-step instructions, along with the pros and cons of various binding techniques. This highly tactile book, with a pullout guide to binding materials and a useful glossary of terms, covers virtually everything designers need to know about the bindery process, with lots of colorful examples of techniques.



The Standard: Special Effects

Issue Number: 5

Date: 2012

Special Effects, Volume 5 of The Standard shows designers how the creative use of special effects can make a printed piece dimensional, tactile, intriguing and sometimes interactive. The techniques shown here may look like magic, but many are easy for designers to prepare and can be done inline on a conventional press. Numerous foil-stamping techniques, embossing/debossing, engraving/thermography, varnish/aqueous/UV coating techniques, strike-through, laser die-cutting, lenticular printing, flocking, and a wide array of specialty inks and spot colors are but a few of the special effects and finishing techniques implemented to make this one of the most unique, educational and inspiring printed pieces to compliment Sappi's Standard series. To illustrate that print and digital are increasingly intertwined and mutually supportive, the Standard #5 provides a dazzling example of augmented reality (AR) technology. The AR demonstration turns a printed character, named "Super Dude," into an animated superhero when viewed on a mobile device or online at This edition draws inspiration from visuals such as pirates and superheroes from 826 National, a nonprofit organization focused on tutoring writing and publishing for kids.

Number of pages: 64


The Standard: Scoring and Folding

Issue Number: 4

Date: 2010

This edition of The Standard focuses on Scoring and Folding, bindery steps that are an integral part of any printed piece but perhaps one of the most underutilized as a creative tool.  Volume 4 takes the reader from folding basics, a glossary of terms and a list of do's and don'ts to a demonstration of scoring differences, actual in-use case studies and seven folding samples that readers can hold and try themselves.  The book ends with a wall-size poster that shows all of the folding families at a glance.  The way each section of the book is assembled is a folding demonstration in itself. Designed by Kit Hinrichs of Studio Hinrichs with content from folding expert, Trish Witkowski of, The Standard #4 demonstrates how scoring and folding are creative solutions that can help organize information and turn even a simple printed piece into one with impact and vitality.

Number of pages: 48
Download the Folding Guide poster featured in the Standard #4.  
For more folding ideas, watch Foldfactory's "FOLD of the WEEK" video.

Watch Kit Hinrichs Work His Magic on Press with Standard Vol. 3

The Standard: Varnishes and Coatings

Issue Number: 3

Date: 2009

Our third issue of The Standard presents a comprehensive demonstration of the latest varnish and coatings technology. This visually captivating book is filled with comparisons and examples of spot, halftone and tinted varnishes, as well as aqueous and ultraviolet coating techniques such as strike-through, textured, soft-touch, scented and thermochromatic effects. You'll find the issue is also filled with practical and informative tips, print demonstrations¿from the most basic to the highly elaborate¿and a glossary of terms to help simplify the process.

Number of pages: 58
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The Standard: Color Management and Calibration

Issue Number: 2

Date: 2006

Managing color is not a new challenge. Printers and designers have been trying to control the effect of ink on paper since Guttenberg. Computer screens used to create artwork can see a broader range of colors than can be reproduced in print. This issue of The Standard presents a few techniques to expand the color gamut on press and explains industry efforts underway to streamline workflow and establish a reliable color profile.

Number of pages: 50
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The Standard: Pre-Press: Preparing Files for Press

Issue Number: 1

Date: 2005

Roughly half of all files sent to the printer cannot be output exactly as delivered. The reasons run the gamut from missing fonts and images to the use of incompatible software. Whatever the reason, these problems can be avoided. But it demands that printing be factored into the creative process from the earliest planning stage. This issue of The Standard features "best practice" tips, approaches and reminders shared with us by pre-press specialists, printers and designers.

Number of pages: 32
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