Our intent is simple: to give you more reliable, accurate and holistic information so you can easily navigate the maze of sustainability within the paper industry. We want to be that voice of reason you can trust. One that is not swept up in this current wave of “greenwashing,” but resolute in providing a refreshingly honest and more scientific approach that can help separate environmental fact from fiction, proof from promises. 

With a decade of industry experience coupled with a PhD in paper science, I find myself increasingly concerned by the tsunami of information, certifications and metrics circulating in our industry.

All too often, I see confusion created by competing claims and a focus on single attributes that do not tell the full story. This has far-reaching consequences, as it is impossible for any customer to make a truly educated decision without understanding the complete life cycle of paper—from material acquisition through manufacturing and distribution, use and disposal. Environmentally sound paper can never be defined by singular attributes. After all, the manufacturing and supply chain is way too complicated to be defined by any one element.

So that’s where eQ comes in. It’s our way of shifting the dialogue to where it belongs: on the bigger picture. To elevate your knowledge and expertise (hence, the eQ moniker). All so that you have the most up-to-date and topical information around sustainability to help you make more responsible choices and win more business.

Since this is our first issue, we’ve decided to share our holistic philosophy with you as well as some truly compelling case studies of companies who also reflect Sappi’s way of thinking and have used it to maximize their “eQ” as well as their bottom line. Inside, you’ll also find a host of useful tools—from the most important issues to consider when choosing paper, to a helpful paper specification guide.

Of course, this is just the beginning. And like the dynamic world of sustainability itself, you will be able to look to eQ as a trusted source that is not only staying on top of this ever-changing dialogue, but leading it in a direction towards confidence and clarity.

Laura M. Thompson, PhD

Director of Technical Marketing and Sustainable Development

Sappi Fine Paper North America

Read about environmental visionaries Michela O’Connor Abrams from Dwell Media; Larry Westlake from Sandy Alexander; Tom Pollock from Metafore; and John Bielenberg from C2. See how these industry leaders are implementing their version of Sustainability 2.0 to drive business.

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Hearst Corporation is leading the way in planet-friendly publishing. Discover their innovative methods for lowering their carbon footprint across the entire supply chain.

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Sustainability is becoming ingrained in our business, so to help guide our customers’ actions, we encourage them to consider these three vital questions.

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On-Product Label Guide

Inside this issue is a handy guide for making it easy to determine the appropriate on-product environmental label for your print project.

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Metafore’s EPAT

The most comprehensive tool for translating technical data into a context businesses can use for selecting paper.

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