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The future of paper has never been brighter.

Life With Print

Despite all predictions that the 21st century would see print eclipsed by electronic media, it continues to play an essential role in our everyday lives and is more powerful than ever. At Sappi we believe that reading text off a computer or PDA will never capture the feeling of curling up in your favorite chair and thumbing through a dog-eared book. Nothing will ever compare to that little jolt of excitement we get when our favorite glossy, photo-laden magazine appears in our mailbox. And we know we’re not alone. After all, there is a reason why people have been using paper to communicate, document, educate and entertain for over 2,000 years. In short, there never has been, nor will there ever be, anything that can replace the utility and beauty of paper.

To share our enthusiasm for the bright future of paper with our customers, Sappi Europe has created the highly regarded, informative series, Life With Print. Each edition of Life With Print is packed with qualitative examples of the value of print in the media mix. The series also highlights experts and companies throughout the world who share Sappi's passion for print. To learn more about the relevance and power of printed communications, please read the summaries of our complete European Life With Print series below.

Direct Mail in the Media Mix

Taking a quiet moment to read that love letter, get focused on a business proposal, consider a great offer — we all experience it regularly. Personal or business mail offers these contact moments that are unique to consumers and advertisers. Learn more about the power of personalized communications with Life With Print: Direct Mail.

Internet Integration in the Media Mix

There are revolutionary changes occurring in the world of media. Consumption is radically different today — now it’s simultaneous — and people everywhere access the media they want, when they want it. Going forward, it’s not totally clear the way one medium will adapt to another. Learn more about the changing role of media with Life With Print: Internet Integration.

Engaging New Generations in the Media Mix

The digital revolution exploded on the scene sometime around 1980. Up to that point, just about everyone in the world was using landline telephones, maps, electric typewriters, analog radios, antenna-based television sets and their nearest neighborhood mailbox. But then all that changed, giving rise to mobile phones, GPS, computers, iPods and e-mail. New generations of digital natives, immigrants and settlers began to emerge. Learn more about targeting printed media to 21st century audiences with Life With Print: Engaging New Generations.

Life With Print by Sappi Fine Paper North America

North America’s addition to the Life With Print series features award-winning print advertising campaigns and explores the effectiveness of magazines, catalogs, direct mail and corporate communications. Life With Print also provides case histories and hard data on the advantages of print in reaching consumers and building brands when compared to other media.