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Because we've never heard of a postage decrease.

Opus PS is the latest addition to the Opus lineup and the perfect power play for direct mail applications, including those specifying glossy paper. Built off the famous Opus do-it-all foundation and optimized for the direct mail community, Opus PS is available in 7pt and 9pt caliper grades for direct mail applications.

Heft and Stiffness

Delivering a higher quality feel than any competitive grade at the same basis weight combined with the ability to handle tough pressroom conditions.

Accurate Color Matching

Optically engineered to reproduce more colors, making it easier to match press sheets to color proofs.

Environmentally Responsible

Opus sheets feature FSC® and SFI® Chain of Custody certifications, is Lacey Act compliant, and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture Opus and Opus 30 sheets is Green-e® certified renewable energy. 10% of the fiber in Opus sheets is derived from Post Consumer Waste (PCW). 30% of the fiber in Opus 30 is derived from PCW. Opus web features FSC® and SFI® Chain of Custody certifications as a standard offering and is also available as PEFC certified upon request, Opus Web is Lacey Act compliant, and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture the full Opus product line is Green-e® certified renewable energy. Opus web is available with 10% of the fiber derived from PCW upon request. Sappi Fine Paper North America is a certified SmartWaySM Transport partner.


Offering the broadest range of paper weights, finishes, including glossy paper, and postal caliper guarantees of any Sappi paper making it a one-brand solution to handle most print projects.


Supported by merchants across the country and Sappi’s regional distribution centers.

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Opus PS Gloss Dull Matte
Format Digital sizes¹

¹ see Opus DX
Type Performance family
coated fine paper (US)
Performance family
coated fine paper (US)
Performance family
coated fine paper (US)
Print process

Basis weight text None
105lb / 7pt. / 155 gsm
Basis weight cover 70lb (128lb text) / 7pt. / 189 gsm
78lb (143lb text) / 8pt. / 211 gsm*
85lb (156lb text) / 9pt. / 230 gsm

* web only
70lb (128lb text) / 7pt. / 189 gsm
78lb (143lb text) / 8pt. / 211 gsm
85lb (156lb text) / 9pt. / 230 gsm
80lb / 9pt. / 216 gsm


Sappi Solution Gloss Dull Matte  
Rich, Tactile Sense
elegant, sophisticated luxury items; textured images; illustrations; textiles
Fine Detail
reproductions; hard, shiny objects,
metallic inks; solids and screens
Readability and Clarity
text combined with imagery; soft subject matter; low–glare requirements; financials
Accurate Color Matching
flesh tones; fine art reproductions; product/brand; replications
Warmth and Depth
images rich in warm tones (furniture, food, fabrics); earth tones; illustrations
Cool and Crisp
images using cool blue tones; high–contrast imagery; hard, shiny metallic objects; black-and-white photography
Heft and Substance
items handled by consumers; direct-mail; brand communications; point-of-purchase material; inserts
products requiring environmentally friendly paper; corporate responsibility reports; corporate communications; catalogs

End Use Applications

End Use Applications Gloss Dull Matte  
Brochures X X X  
Calendars X X X  
Catalogs X X    
Direct Mail X X X  
Presentation Folders X X X  
Digital Printing X X X  
Greeting Cards X X X  
Inserts X X X  
Leaflets X X X  
Magazines X X X  
Sustainability Reports X X X  

The Sustainable Choice

It's not just about preserving our forests and resources—although that's extremely important. It's also about preserving the integrity of your communications. That's why Sappi has attained the highest levels of third party certification possible for a paper company.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification means from the forest to the printer, this paper is produced following the most sustainable practices currently available.

The SFI Program certifies that 100% of the raw materials used to manufacture this paper comes through our SFI certified procurement system. The SFI Standard balances the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with wildlife, plant, soil and water protection.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification—an independent, nonprofit, non-governmental organization—works with forest managers, paper and timber companies and their external certifiers to assure that the world’s forests are managed sustainably for the benefit of future generations.