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Sappi's Vision

As a global paper and pulp company we aim to create value and grow faster than the market in a sustainable way, to benefit our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Sappi Core Values

  • Excellence: Delivering goods and services of the highest standards, thereby creating value and prosperity for all our stakeholders, and taking full responsibility for all our decisions and actions.
    • Working according to the highest standards of service and productivity
    • Maintaining a safe and healthy operating and working environment
    • Using resources effectively
    • Keeping proper records
    • Protecting Sappi's name and reputation
    • Protecting Sappi's physical assets
    • Protecting Sappi's intellectual property and respecting the intellectual property of others
    • Maintaining confidentiality of information
    • Maintaining security
  • Integrity: Being truthful and building trust through all our actions.
    • Being truthful in all communications and actions
    • Complying with all applicable laws, industry regulations, and Sappi policies
    • Refraining from anti-competitve behavior
    • Refraining from engaging in party political activities
    • Combating criminal activities such as theft, fraud, violations of trade controls and corruption
    • Avoiding both actual and perceived conflicts of interest
  • Respect: Recognizing the inherent worth of the environment, and of people, while being impartial and avoiding discrimination
    • Treating people with impariality and respecting their human rights
    • Creating and sustaining a respectful working environment
    • Providing a working environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment
    • Valuing diversity
    • Working in unity as a team
    • Talking into account the expectations of the communities in which we are located
    • Protecting the natural environment in which we operate














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