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At Sappi we seek out only the most credible third-party certification standards and affiliations.

On-Product Labels

The Recycled Content and Please Recycle icons below can be downloaded for your use in printed materials. Please note that both files are in EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) and will require software such as Adobe Illustrator to open and use.

Recycled Content

  (EPS Format, 400KB)
McCoy 10%
Opus 10% web available with 10% upon request
Opus 30 30%
Opus PS 10% web available with 10% upon request
Somerset 10% web available with 10% upon request
Flo 10% web available with 10% upon request for weights 43lb and higher
Galerie Art 10%

The recycled content label can be applied to the above products, even if the printer is not certified.

Please Recycle

  (EPS Format, 401KB)

We encourage you to apply the "Please Recycle" logo when you print on Sappi papers.

There is no third party certification for recycled content or recyclability. However, by following this Guide, users can be assured that Sappi can substantiate the accuracy of these claims used when printing on Sappi paper.

Contact a Sappi Representative

Laura M. Thompson Ph. D.
Director, Sustainable Development & Technical Marketing 207.856.3851